English for Biologists

Dedicated to helping Biologists

I’m dedicated to helping biologists and nature-lovers improve their English Communication Skills.

Tailormade to match your specific needs

Whether you need to present your work, understand texts in English, write reports or emails, explain your work to visitors or any other task – my aim is to help you receive the recognition you deserve for your work and to build your confidence to be able to express yourself clearly and effectively.

Having studied a degree in Cell Biology and Immunology I have extensive knowledge of science. I am also fascinated by all things nature – whether it be a tiny cell in a fungus or inside the mind of an elephant! I just love nature and always have done. Being brought up in a remote village on a Scottish island made me strongly value the wildlife around us.

With more than 19 years experience of teaching English to professionals in Spain, many of whom are biologists, scientists and nature-lovers.

Small Groups 

With a focus on Biology and Nature, these classes are designed to fit the needs of all the learners.  You could sign up with a friend, or consult me about whether there is a suitable group for you to join.

  • Focus on Speaking
    All students have an equal opportunity to speak and express their ideas. Topics will be engaging and motivating.
  • A necessary part of learning is getting corrected and I give a particular emphasis to explaining corrections and encouraging you to improve.
  • As a trained and qualified language coach, I also provide psychological support and guidance to help overcome fears about using English and offer advice for building confidence and feeling great about your English!